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That’s me!  Susan Sykes.  So a little about me….  I am originally from Edenton, NC.  In fact, that’s where I live now, too!  Although, I have lived in a couple of other places in between. 

I went to East Carolina University in Greenville, NC where I studied Metal Design.  That’s where I picked up my button collecting habit.  I had a professor, Robert (Bob) Ebendorff, who used found objects in his work.  His use of such unexpected objects blended with precious metals and gemstones had a great influence on me.  I started making jewelry with my Grandmother, Banny’s, vintage button collection.  Now I call all my button pieces, “Banny’s Buttons.”  There’s something about taking an old button, or piece of anything for that matter, and transforming it into something useful and beautiful. 

After college, I moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I had always loved the beach, and there was this cute boy there by the name of Chris Sykes.  Yep!  I married him!   This is where the beach pebbles and sea glass started to find their way onto my workbench.  Now I’ll make jewelry out of just about anything!

So, now I am back in Edenton.  I wonder what I’ll start collecting now……..